Carnelian Trio
(L to R) Adrianna Hulscher, Paige Stockley, Tonya Siderius


The Carnelian Trio explores the beautiful repertoire written for piano, violin and cello and delights audiences with collective sensitivity and expressiveness in interpretation of these great works.

Pianist Tonya Siderius, violinist Adrianna Hulscher and cellist Paige Stockley are all Pacific NW natives will illustrative careers taking them all over the world. Having performed together at the Schulhoff Festival at Cornish, College of the Arts and for the Seattle Symphony's performance of John Adam's "Gnarly Buttons", the three decided to form a trio together.

Carnelian is a stone of the Sun, with it's energy and hot radiant orange-red color. It is also a stone of truth, faith and love, that will protect the life and family of it's wearer. The ancient Egyptians described Carnelian as a "sunset enclosed in stone".